are apples fruits or vegetables

are apples fruits or vegetables

Are Apples Fruits or Vegetables?

At first glance, it seems that apples are fruits. However, the answer may not be as obvious as it first appears. Let’s exploreto determine whether apples are considered fruits or vegetables.

Fruit or Vegetable?

In one sense, the terms “fruit” and “vegetable” are not scientific classifications. The common understanding of fruit and vegetables, by the average consumer, can be subjective. When determining whether apples are considered fruit or vegetables, let’s look to the scientific models used by dietitians.

Scientific Determination

Dietitians use a system called plant parts to understand what constitutes a fruit or a vegetable. Plant parts are categorized based on their use and growth in the plant. According to this system, we can categorize apples as:

  • Fruit – Pome fruits, such as apples, are classified as fruits because they grow from the flower of the plant and contain seeds.
  • Vegetable – From a botanical standpoint, apples are also considered a vegetable because they’re both edible and fibrous.


In conclusion, apples can be classified as both fruits and vegetables, due to the difference between scientific and common definitions. While apples may appear to be fruit, they can still be categorized as vegetables when using the plant parts classification.

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