are apples fruits or vegetables

are apples fruits or vegetables

Are Apples Fruits or Vegetables?

When considering whether apples are fruits or vegetables, it’s important to make the distinction between botanical and culinary classifications.

Botanical Classification

Botanically speaking, apples are fruits . Most fruits are edible, the exception being drupes, which are fruits with hard helms. Apples fall into the category of pomes, which means that they have a core composed of several small seeds enclosed in a fleshy membrane. That makes them fruits!

Culinary Classification

However, when it comes to culinary classification, apples are considered vegetables . This is because they are often used in savory dishes, such as apple pies and apple sauce. The same is true of other fruits like tomatoes and oranges.

In Conclusion

So, when it comes down to it, apples are both fruits and vegetables. Botanically, they are considered fruits, but when it comes to cooking, they are usually treated as vegetables.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Botanically, apples are fruits.
  • Culinary, apples are vegetables.

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