are bulma and vegeta married

are bulma and vegeta married

Are Bulma and Vegeta Married?

Since their introduction in the world of Dragon Ball, Bulma and Vegeta have been a popular ship amongst fans of the series. So the question remains, are they married?

Let’s take a look at what the series tells us. Bulma and Vegeta first met when Vegeta attempted to destroy the Earth. Subsequently, they became allies and then friends. Vegeta often flirted with Bulma, and though their relationship was often tumultuous, they eventually decided to marry.

Signs of Marriage

There are a few signs to suggest that Bulma and Vegeta are married. For one, Vegeta refers to Bulma as his wife in Dragon Ball Super, something reserved for married couples in the series. He also refers to her as the Queen of his home planet, which suggests a certain level of commitment.

In addition, the two have a daughter, Bulla, who was born in the Dragon Ball Super manga. This further implies that Bulma and Vegeta are likely married, as the two take on the role of parents together.

Signs of Unmarriage

However, there are also some signs to suggest that Bulma and Vegeta are not married. For one, we never actually see the two officially tying the knot. In addition, Bulma is not referred to as Mrs. Vegeta or Queen Vegeta, which would indicate a level of commitment.

Finally, at the end of Dragon Ball Super, the two are shown in a loving embrace, but no mention of marriage is ever made.


In conclusion, the evidence suggests that Bulma and Vegeta may be married, but there is no definitive answer. The two clearly care for each other deeply, but we may never know if they are indeed married.

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