are lemons a fruit or vegetable

are lemons a fruit or vegetable

Lemons – A Fruit or Vegetable?

The lemon has been around for centuries, and has been used for many things from cooking to cleaning to providing a source of Vitamin C. But is a lemon a fruit, or a vegetable?

The Debate Around Lemons

There is a debate around lemons being both a fruit and a vegetable. It typically depends on who you ask. Here are some reasons why lemons could be considered both:

Lemons As Fruits

  • Grow On Trees – Typically, fruit comes from trees, and lemons are no different. They grow on trees that bear edible fruits.
  • Eaten Raw – One of the classic ways to eat lemons is to simply cut open the fruit and eat it just as it is. Once it’s been peeled or cut, you can eat it just like that – a sign of a fruit.
  • Used For Crafting – Lemons are used for crafting often since their intense yellow color has a wide range of uses for decorative purposes. Lemons can be preserved and sealed in a jar, as another way to use them.

Lemons as Vegetables

  • Think of it as a Citrus – Lemons are often classed as a citrus fruit, falling along with other citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits. This makes sense because they have a citrus-like taste.
  • Cooked In Recipes – An undeniable way to use lemons is adding it to recipes. You can add lemon juice or zest to whatever you’re cooking, or eat the lemon in slices. All sure signs of a vegetable.
  • Used For Cleaning – Lemons are often used to clean spots on things like countertops or even windows. This is also one way to prove that lemons are a vegetable.

The Final Answer

So, are lemons a fruit or a vegetable? Ultimately, the answer is both. Lemons can be used in recipes and eaten raw, meaning they can qualify as both a vegetable and a fruit. That’s why the debate remains strong and will likely remain for many years to come.

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