are no salt added canned vegetables healthy

are no salt added canned vegetables healthy

Are No Salt Added Canned Vegetables Healthy?

Canned vegetables are often required ingredients in many recipes, but are the no salt added varieties the healthier option?


  • Lower Sodium Levels: No salt added canned vegetables are typically lower in sodium than their regular counterparts. Some contain as little as one milligram, whereas the standard can could contain over 600 milligrams of sodium.
  • Freshness: Canned vegetables are typically harvested and processed during the peak of ripeness, meaning that the nutrient content of no salt added varieties are usually more consistent and fresh than fresh vegetables.
  • Convenience: In comparison to fresh vegetables, canned vegetables are typically easier to store and they last longer, making them more convenient to keep in the pantry.


  • Nutrition: Even if canned vegetables have fewer additives than their regular counterparts, they may not have the same nutritional value as fresh vegetables due to the canning process.
  • BPA Concerns: Many of the cans used for no salt added canned vegetables are lined with BPA, a chemical that has been linked to many negative health problems.
  • Ingredient Quality: Many no salt added cans contain added ingredients such as sugar, preservatives, and artificial colors, which could potentially decrease their health benefits compared to the regular versions.

In conclusion, no salt added canned vegetables may be healthier than regular canned varieties, but they may not provide the same level of nutrition as fresh vegetables. In order to ensure the healthiest option, it is important to check the label before purchasing no salt added canned vegetables.

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