are onions root vegetables

are onions root vegetables

Are Onions Root Vegetables?

Onions are an essential part of many dishes and cuisines, but potato and carrot are the two root vegetables that come to mind for most people. But are onions root vegetables? The answer is yes but with a few caveats.

What Are Root Vegetables?

Root vegetables are plants that are grown for their edible roots and/or tubers. Typical examples include beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and turnips, but onions are included in this list as well.

Characteristics of Onion Root Vegetables

Onions are considered a root vegetable, but they differ from other root vegetables in several ways. Here are the characteristics that make an onion a root vegetable:

  • Size: Onions are small, usually smaller than the other root vegetables.
  • Shape: They have a round, bulb-like shape.
  • Skin: Onions have a thin papery skin on the outside.
  • Flesh: The flesh is usually white or light yellow in color.
  • Taste: Onions are pungent and have a strong taste.


So, in conclusion, onions are indeed root vegetables. They may look and taste different from other root vegetables, but they are still part of the same family.

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