are peaches vegetables

are peaches vegetables

Are Peaches Vegetables?

The simple answer is no; peaches are not vegetables. The debate whether a certain fruit is in fact a vegetable is one that may never be decided. Many nutritionalists and food experts have argued their points, but are yet to come to a conclusion.

What is a Vegetable?

To clarify, let us look at what a vegetable actually is. Generally, vegetables are defined as food that is eaten as a side dish, is savory or has a mild flavor, has a low sugar content and is usually eaten with entrees. Examples of this can include potatoes, cauliflower, kale and lettuce.

What is a Fruit?

Fruits, conversely, are foods that are sweet and salty, generally eaten as a dessert or snack throughout the day, and contain fruit juice, seeds or pulp. Some examples of this can include apples, oranges, bananas and blueberries.

So What Classifies Peaches as a Fruit?

Peaches are fruits because they contain a fleshy body and have a high sugar content, as well as a host of other nutritional advantages. They can be eaten as a snack throughout the day, and can be used as a dessert or topping. Plus, peaches also contain vitamin A and B, potassium, magnesium and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Reasons Why Peaches are Not Vegetables

  • High sugar content – Peaches contain far more sugar than any of the ‘true’ vegetables. As such, they cannot be considered a vegetable.
  • Aromatic – Peaches have a sweet and unique smell and taste, making them drastically different from typical vegetables.
  • Texture – Vegetables tend to be much firmer and crunchy, whereas the texture of a peach is soft and juicy.

Therefore, keeping in mind all the points that set peaches apart from the ‘true’ definition of a vegetable, it is safe to say that peaches are, in fact, fruits.

The debate about whether a peach is a vegetable or not may rage, but the facts remain the same; unlike vegetables, peaches are inherently sweet, juicy and a member of the fruit family.

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