are vegetable samosas vegan

are vegetable samosas vegan

Vegetable Samosas: Are They Vegan?

Vegetable samosas are a popular snack, enjoyed all around the world. But are they vegan-friendly?

What Are Vegetable Samosas?

Vegetable samosas are savoury pastries, shaped into a triangle and filled with a spicy potato or vegetable-based filling. They are usually deep-fried in vegetable oil.

Are Vegetable Samosas Vegan?

Yes! Vegetable samosas are usually vegan-friendly. The filling and pastry is usually made from vegetable-based ingredients, without any animal-products or by-products.

What To Look Out For

However, be sure to double-check the ingredients list on any samosas you buy, just in case. Some manufacturers may add in certain animal-products, such as dairy-based products, eggs or ghee, to the filling or pastry.


Vegetable samosas are usually vegan-friendly, however, double-check the ingredients list before buying:

  • Vegetable samosas are savoury pastries, usually filled with a potato or vegetable-based filling.
  • They are usually vegan-friendly, with no animal-products in the filling or pastry.
  • Always check the ingredients list, as some manufacturers may add certain animal-products, such as dairy, eggs or ghee.

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