can cats have tuna in vegetable oil

can cats have tuna in vegetable oil

Can Cats Have Tuna in Vegetable Oil?

It is no surprise that cats love tuna. It is often marketed to cats everywhere. Most cats will eat tuna without an issue, but some cats will develop an intolerance or allergic reaction to it. Fortunately, there is an alternative way to feed tuna to cats when it is not possible to feed them the standard canned tuna with water. Vegetable oil is a safer option that many cats can enjoy without having an adverse reaction.

The Benefits of Feeding Cat Tuna in Vegetable Oil

Cats need a balanced, nutrient-rich diet that includes protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Tuna is an excellent source of quality protein for cats. It supplies them with enough dietary fat including the essential fatty acids and Omega-3, as well as B vitamins and minerals.

When feeding tuna in vegetable oil to cats, there is a range of advantages. Some of the top benefits include:

  • More flavour – Tuna in vegetable oil is more nutritious and tastes better than tuna in water.
  • Provides essential fatty acids and Omega-3s – The vegetable oil provides important fatty acids and Omega-3s necessary for cats.
  • More Omega-3s – Tuna in vegetable oil contains more Omega-3s than tuna in water.
  • Reduces fishy smell – The vegetable oil helps to reduce the fishy odour associated with tuna.

Tips for Feeding Tuna in Vegetable Oil to Cats

It is important to choose a quality tuna to feed your cats. Always buy 100% pure tuna and avoid any tuna products with added flavours, seasonings, or preservatives. To avoid any health issues, feed your cats fresh tuna, as canned tuna can contain unhealthy additives.

  • Choose a vegetable oil that has a mild flavour to ensure that the cat food doesn’t have any unpleasant taste.
  • Always ensure that the tuna and vegetable oil are safely stored. Keeping them in the refrigerator or freezer will help to preserve the food for freshness.
  • Mix small amounts of the tuna and vegetable oil together, as cats can easily become overweight if given too much tuna.


Feeding tuna in vegetable oil to cats can be a healthy and tasty alternative to feeding them canned tuna. It provides cats with more flavour and important nutrients that are beneficial for them. When feeding tuna in vegetable oil to cats, it is important to choose quality tuna and vegetable oil and to follow the tips for safely storing and serving the tuna to cats.

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