can i substitute vegetable broth for vegetable stock

can i substitute vegetable broth for vegetable stock

Can I Substitute Vegetable Broth for Vegetable Stock?

The use of vegetable broth and vegetable stock can seem interchangeable especially since both liquids have similar ingredients and share many of the same uses for flavoring dishes. Understanding the differences between the two can be important for determining which to use for a particular recipe.


  • Vegetable stock usually begins with gelatin, which gives the stock more body and a more complex flavor than broth.
  • It is also made with vegetables that are cooked in water with added herbs and seasonings.
  • Vegetable broth, on the other hand, is prepared with mainly vegetables and seasonings that are boiled and simmered in water.


  • Vegetable stock is typically used as the base of a dish, whether you’re making soup, pasta sauce or even a stir-fry.
  • It can also be added to hot pots or casseroles for extra flavor and salt.
  • Vegetable broth is best for dishes that don’t require much cooking time, such as poaching eggs, as it will evaporate quicker than vegetable stock.

Substituting Vegetable Broth for Vegetable Stock

Although it is not recommended to use vegetable broth instead of vegetable stock, it is possible to substitute, if needed. To make substituting easier, it is best to use a higher quality brand of vegetable broth that has a more intense flavor. Additionally, adding some tomato paste and a tablespoon of dried herbs can help boost the flavor of vegetable broth and make it more similar to vegetable stock.

In general, it is worthwhile to keep both vegetable broth and vegetable stock readily available in the kitchen to fit any and all recipes. Knowing the subtle differences between the two and how to use them will help chefs make the most flavorful dishes.

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