can i use vegetable oil as lube

can i use vegetable oil as lube

Can I Use Vegetable Oil as Lube?

Vegetable oil is a great and inexpensive solution for lubrication when it comes to DIY projects! It can be used for all sorts of things such as lubricating doors and windows, lubricating tools, and more! So can I use vegetable oil as lube? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Inexpensive – Vegetable oil is very easily found and relatively cheap compared to other lubricants.
  • Safe – Vegetable oil is safe to handle and use, making it an ideal lubricant.
  • Environmental friendly – As a vegetable oil, it is a renewable resource and biodegradable.


  • Not suitable for extreme temperatures – Vegetable oil might not be the best option for lubricating doors and windows at temperatures that are too cold or too hot.
  • Not durable – Vegetable oil may not last as long when it comes to lubrication than other lubricants.
  • Can cause some mess -Vegetable oil can be a bit messier than other lubricants, which can be a problem for certain applications.

In conclusion, vegetable oil can be used as lube in certain applications, but it is not the best solution for all scenarios. If you are working on projects with extreme temperatures, then it is best to use a different type of lubricant. Otherwise, vegetable oil is an inexpensive and safe option to use.

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