can u use vegetable oil as lube

can u use vegetable oil as lube

Can You Use Vegetable Oil as Lube?

Lube is widely used during sexual activities and for many other purposes too. For example, in manufacturing and certain tools, lube helps make them run smoothly and last longer. But lube can be expensive, so can vegetable oil be used as a lubricant instead?

The Pros of Vegetable Oil

There are some clear benefits to using vegetable oil as lube. It is easy to access, affordable and vegan. Plus, it’s unlikely to cause a burning or stinging sensation during or after use.

The Cons of Vegetable Oil

The main problem with using vegetable oil as lube is that it doesn’t last as long as synthetic lubricants. And some types, such as olive oil, may not be safe to use inside the body. Using vegetable oil as lube can also cause damage to condoms, making them more prone to breaking.

Is Vegetable Oil a Good Choice as Lube?

Overall, vegetable oil can be used as lube in certain circumstances. However, it is important to bear in mind the potential risks of using vegetable oil as lube. If you do decide to go ahead, here’s some things you should consider:

  • Choose the right oil: Certain oils, such as coconut oil and canola oil, can be used safely inside the body. But avoid using vegetable oils that are high in fat, such as olive oil.
  • Avoid using on condoms: Vegetable oil should not be used with latex condoms as it can compromise the integrity of the material. Stick to water-based lubes for condoms.
  • Don’t share: Sharing any type of lube can lead to the spread of infections, so it is best not to share vegetable oil lube either.
  • Use sparingly: Vegetable oil doesn’t last as long as lube, so it should be applied sparingly.

In the end, it is important to make sure you have access to a quality lubricant, that is safe and suited to your needs.

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