can you grow root vegetables hydroponically

can you grow root vegetables hydroponically

Grow Root Vegetables Hydroponically

Root vegetables are some of the most popular vegetables in the home garden, and now it’s possible to grow them hydroponically. This alternative growing method has numerous advantages, including improved yields and easier access to nutritive elements. Read on to learn more about growing root vegetables hydroponically.

Advantages to Hydroponic Growing

  • No soil, no mess!
  • Less weeding and maintenance necessary
  • More oxygen available to root systems
  • Grow multiple crops of root veggies in the same year
  • Can grow different types of root veggies in the same location

Hydroponic growing does require some special equipment, such as a water pump, water delivery system, and growing media appropriate for the type of vegetables being grown. The growing media can consist of gravel, sand, expanded clay, or coconut-fiber coir.

Selecting Your Root Vegetables

Carrots, radishes, and turnips are the most popular root vegetables for hydroponic growing. Potatoes can also be grown hydroponically, but they require more attention and care. All four vegetables can be germinated in the same setup, but they will require separate planters after a few weeks of growth.

Starting a root vegetable garden with hydroponics is both economical and rewarding. You can pick the vegetables fresh any time of the year and enjoy their taste in many recipes. With just a little effort, you can reap the benefits of a flavorful and plentiful crop of root vegetables.

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