can you mix vegetable and canola oil

can you mix vegetable and canola oil

Can You Mix Vegetable and Canola Oil?

The answer is yes, you can mix vegetable and canola oil together. When used with caution and moderation, it can be a beneficial combination for both cooking and baking.

Benefits of Mixing Vegetable and Canola Oil

The combination of vegetable and canola oil has numerous benefits, including:

  • Healthier Cooking: Canola oil has a lower saturated fat content than vegetable oil, which helps to keep fried and grilled foods healthier.
  • Increased Flavour: Canola oil has a more neutral taste than vegetable oil. This combination allows for better flavour development when cooking certain dishes, while still having the benefit of the larger smoke point of vegetable oil.
  • Better Stability: The combination of the two oils gives it a higher smoke point than either oil on its own, which makes for a more stable cooking oil.

Tips for Using a Vegetable and Canola Oil Blend

For maximum benefit, consider the following tips when combining these oils:

  • Moderation is Key: Too much of either oil in the blend can lead to an unbalanced flavour or smoke point.
  • Know your Smoke Point: Know the smoke points of both vegetable and canola oil in order to produce the desired effect with the blend.
  • Store with Care: Always store the blended oil in a cool dark place and discard any that has been used excessively.


Mixing vegetable and canola oil can be beneficial, as long as it is done with caution and moderation. By understanding the smoke points of both oils, one can create a balanced blend that will bring out the flavour of certain dishes while still being healthy.

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