can you mix vegetable oil and olive oil for frying

can you mix vegetable oil and olive oil for frying

Can you Mix Vegetable Oil and Olive Oil for Frying?

Mixing oils for cooking can be an effective way to use what you have on hand, especially for frying. It is important to understand the differences between the oils you are attempting to mix so you can ensure they are compatible and create a healthier and tastier frying experience.

Olive Oil vs. Vegetable Oil

Olive oil is extracted from olives and is renowned for its range of health benefits, from helping to lower bad cholesterol levels to providing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. It has a distinct flavor and is a great oil to use for dressings, marinades, and finishing dishes.

On the other hand, vegetable oil is a blend of several oils, including soybean, corn, and sunflower oil, and can contain several additives. It is well known for its high smoke point, which makes it suitable for deep-frying. It also provides a neutral taste and odor, allowing you to use it in dishes without altering the flavor.

Mixing Olive Oil with Vegetable Oil

Yes, it is possible to mix olive oil with vegetable oil for frying, and it can be beneficial depending on your recipe. Specifically, when combining these two oils:

  • Use a low-grade olive oil. When frying food, delicate flavor infused oils are destroyed by the high heat and should be avoided. Use a low-grade olive oil, which is affordable and has a higher smoke point than the higher-grade oils.
  • Consider the smoke point. A higher smoke point provides a longer window for frying, which reduces the chances of food burning. The smoke point of olive oil is between 175°C and 210°C, depending on the grade. The smoke point of vegetable oil is much higher, between 232°C and 266°C.
  • Use an appropriate ratio. For best results, and to get the most health benefits, the ratio of the oils should be 60% olive oil and 40% vegetable oil. This helps to lower the smoke point of the vegetable oil and bring out the flavor of the olive oil.


Mixing vegetable oil and olive oil can bring out the best of both oils. When done correctly, it gives you the health benefits of the olive oil and the high smoke point of the vegetable oil. As with all cooking, make sure to monitor the process and add the oils in the right proportions to ensure a healthier and tastier frying experience.

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