can you mix vegetable oil and olive oil for frying

can you mix vegetable oil and olive oil for frying

The art of combining Vegetable and Olive Oil for Frying

Frying food is a tempting way to add flavor and texture to your favourite dishes. Many experienced chefs agree that when it comes to frying, combining vegetable and olive oil is the perfect key to success. Here’s a closer look at why combining these two types of oil is an excellent option for frying.

Benefits of Combining Vegetable and Olive Oil

  • Higher smoke point: By combining the two oils the smoke point of the combination increases, which is ideal when frying more delicate ingredients such as tempura-battered foods etc.
  • Better insulation: When you combine these oils you add more insulation to your cooking set up as the combination creates a lower risk of food burning.
  • Healthier option: Adding olive oil to vegetable oil helps to reduce the risk of trans-fats, providing a much healthier option to your dish.

Tips for Getting the Right Combination

  • Use equal parts: When combining equal parts of the two oils, the smoke point will increase by an average of 20%, providing a good heat for frying.
  • Choose organic: Try to find organic varieties of both oils for the best quality combination, with higher temperature resistance.
  • Mix before you Heat: Before you even begin to heat your combination, make sure that you’ve added the oils together in the right proportions.


Combining vegetable and olive oil can be a great way to bring the best out of your frying experiences. With the added benefits of increased smoke points, insulation and healthier options you can be sure to achieve delicious fried food every time. Using these tips you’ll be able to get the perfect combination for your cooking adventure.

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