can you pickle frozen vegetables

can you pickle frozen vegetables

Can You Pickle Frozen Vegetables?

Many of us are familiar with pickling fruits and vegetables for food preservation, but can you pickle frozen vegetables? The answer is yes, you can pickle frozen vegetables. Here are some reasons why pickling frozen vegetables is a great idea and how to do it safely.

Why Pickle Frozen Vegetables?

Pickling frozen vegetables is an easy and efficient way to preserve food. Here are some advantages it provides:

  • Reduces waste: Frozen vegetables are typically sold in larger quantities, making them a great item to buy when you are looking to reduce food waste.
  • Instant flavor: Pickled vegetables have a unique flavor that can instantly liven up any meal.
  • Easy to prepare: Frozen vegetables are already sliced and diced, which makes them easier to prepare for pickling.

How to Pickle Frozen Vegetables

Pickling frozen vegetables is fairly straight forward and you can do it in four steps.

  • Gather your ingredients: You will need your frozen vegetables, salt, vinegar and any herbs and spices you would like to add for flavor.
  • Defrost the vegetables: Before you start pickling, you need to defrost your frozen vegetables in a colander or strainer. This will help remove any excess water.
  • Mix your brine: To make your brine, you need to mix your vinegar, salt and any herbs or spices you would like to add in a pot and let it simmer until the salt is dissolved.
  • Pickle the vegetables: Place your defrosted vegetables in a jar and pour the brine over them. Let the mixture cool before storing it in the fridge for at least 24 hours.


Pickling frozen vegetables is an easy and efficient way to preserve food. It reduces waste, adds flavor to meals and is simple to do. The next time you want to make a delicious pickle, try using frozen vegetables!

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