can you put frozen vegetables in an air fryer

can you put frozen vegetables in an air fryer

Air Frying Frozen Vegetables – A Healthy & Convenient Way To Cook

Frozen vegetables are a great convenience item for those days when you are uncertain of what to cook. They are also a great option if you need a quick meal that is both healthy and tasty.

But can you put frozen vegetables in an air fryer? The quick answer is yes.

Advantages of Air Frying Frozen Vegetables

Air Frying frozen vegetables is an efficient and healthier way to cook compared to traditional deep-frying. It requires no oil or butter for cooking and still produces tasty and crispy vegetables. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Easy – All you need to do is place the frozen vegetables in the air fryer, set the temperature and timer, and you’re done in no time!
  • Convenient – Air frying frozen vegetables is fast and hassle-free. You don’t need to thaw or prepare them beforehand.
  • Healthier – Air frying does not require oil or butter, so it’s a much healthier option than traditional deep frying.

Air Fryer Settings for Frozen Vegetables

Generally, most air fryers recommend that you set the temperature to between 360F and 380F. The exact temperature will depend on the type of air fryer you have.

Most frozen vegetables require a cooking time of around 10 minutes, but this will vary depending on the size and type of vegetable. To ensure optimum results, it is best to follow the instructions in your air fryer manual.

What to Look Out For

When air frying frozen vegetables, it is important to remember that they are often pre-seasoned with salt and other ingredients. Therefore, it’s best to check the packaging before putting them in the air fryer to make sure you don’t over-season.

Other than that, it’s best to just make sure the vegetables are spread out in a single layer in the basket of your air fryer, and that you check them periodically during cooking.


Air frying frozen vegetables is a convenient, healthy, and tasty way to cook. All you need to do is make sure you read the instructions in your air fryer manual, check the packaging of the frozen vegetables, and monitor them during cooking.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be sure to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal in no time.

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