can you use vegetable oil for lube

can you use vegetable oil for lube

Using Vegetable Oil for Lube – Pros and Cons

Lube can be a great addition to any sexual experience, as it reduces friction and allows for a more pleasurable experience. Many people usually opt for store-bought lubes, however, some may have hard to get ahold of these. Some people have been known to turn to kitchen ingredients, wondering if vegetable oil can be used as a lube. So, can you use vegetable oil as a lube?


  • It is inexpensive compared to store-bought lube
  • It is easily accessible and can be found in most kitchens
  • It is safe to use with condoms


  • It is not designed for sex. While vegetable oil is safe for a one-time use, it has not been tested in the ways that other lubes have, thus making it a less desirable choice for a lube.
  • It is usually not that thick. Vegetable oil is not as viscous as other types of lube, meaning it may not provide adequate lubrication.
  • It can cause irritation. Vegetable oil is made from a variety of different oils and can contain components that may cause irritation.

In conclusion, vegetable oil can be used as a lube in a pinch, but it is important to remember that it is not designed for this purpose. Additionally, there is the potential for irritation and it may not provide the same lubrication you would get from a store-bought lube. It is best to opt for other lubes when available.

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