cómo se llama la hija de vegeta

cómo se llama la hija de vegeta

Who is Vegeta’s Daughter?

Vegeta is one of the most iconic characters in the popular anime and manga series, Dragon Ball Z. As one of the main protagonists of the show, fans have grown to know and love his character for his strength and determination. But what many people may not know is that Vegeta also has a daughter!

Vegeta’s Daughter: Bulla

Vegeta’s daughter is known as Bulla or Bra. She is the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma and the younger sister of Trunks. Bulla was born after Vegeta sacrificed himself during his battle with Majin Buu and is a human-Saiyan hybrid just like her older brother Trunks. As a child, Bulla was separated from the group and eventually received training from her father and Piccolo. She even showed off some of her own powers during the fight against the villains.

Bulla’s Powers and Abilities

Bulla is a natural born fighter with incredible strength and power. She’s able to use Ki attacks like her father and has even been seen using her own unique version of the Super Saiyan transformation. Bulla is also a very capable fighter and is able to hold her own against powerful opponents. Being a hybrid of two races, she has access to unique powers that few other Saiyans possess.


Bulla is an important character in the Dragon Ball universe and serves as an example of how female characters can be strong and powerful. Although she may not have the same fame as her father Vegeta, she is still an important character that fans have grown to love and respect. So, the next time you hear someone ask “what is Vegeta’s daughter’s name?”, you’ll be able to answer with Bulla!

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