cómo se llama la hija de vegeta

cómo se llama la hija de vegeta

Vegeta’s Daughter: Bulla

Vegeta is a beloved character from the hit TV series, Dragon Ball. He is a powerful fighter who often puts his own safety and interest above those of his friends and family. Vegeta is also proud to be the father of a daughter named Bulla.

Background Information

Bulla is Vegeta and Bulma’s second child and only daughter. She was born in the eighth episode of Dragon Ball Super and has played a role in other Dragon Ball series since. She is a half-Saiyan, half-human hybrid, which makes her unique and powerful.

Bulla is a lively and cheerful young girl. Her character is full of energy and she often puts her own needs ahead of others. Many fans have likened her to being similar to her father in terms of personality.

Bulla’s Abilities

Despite her young age, Bulla is already a very powerful fighter. As a half-Saiyan, she has inherited some incredible powers such as super strength and speed. She is able to fly at breakneck speeds and can fire energy blasts with great accuracy.

Bulla is also able to transform into various forms. This allows her to increase her power exponentially and gain an edge in fights. Her most powerful form is Super Bulla, in which she is able to fight on the same level as her father.


Bulla is an important character in the Dragon Ball series. Her presence has added some much needed balance to the series and has given fans a lovable character to root for.

For those wondering, Vegeta’s daughter’s name is Bulla. Her strong Saiyain genes have made her a powerful and formidable fighter despite her young age, and she is sure to be important to the future of the series.

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