de que esta hecha la manteca vegetal

de que esta hecha la manteca vegetal

What is Vegetable shortening?

Vegetable shortening, also known as “vegetable fat”, is a type of fat that is used in baking and cooking. It is a semi-solid food made from vegetable oils. It has a light yellow color, a bland flavor and a creamy texture. It is used in baking and cooking to give food a light, flaky texture, and to help prevent foods from sticking to baking pans and other cooking surfaces.

What is it made of?

Vegetable shortening is made from a combination of vegetable oils, such as soybean oil, palm oil, coconut oil and cottonseed oil. The oils are hydrogenated, meaning they are heated and pressurized to cause the fatty acids to form solid particles. This process creates a semi-solid fat that has a higher smoke point, meaning that it can be heated to a higher temperature than oils without losing its flavor or consistency.


Vegetable shortening has many benefits, including:

  • It is cholesterol-free.
  • It adds a light, flaky texture to baked goods.
  • It helps to prevent food from sticking to baking pans.
  • It has a higher smoke point than other oils.
  • It is made from vegetable oils.

Vegetable shortening is an important ingredient in many baked goods and desserts, such as cakes and pies. It can also be used in savory dishes, such as fried vegetables and omelets. When used in the right amounts, it can add flavor and texture to a variety of dishes.

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