do frozen vegetables need a hechsher

do frozen vegetables need a hechsher

Do Frozen Vegetables Need a Hechsher?

With the rise of popularity of frozen vegetables, the need to know if they require a hechsher is an important one. It’s important to eat only kosher products for some members of the Jewish community, so it’s essential to understand how to identify kosher frozen vegetables.

What Is a Hechsher?

A hechsher is a certification stamp that indicates that the product is kosher and without issue. Typically, the hechsher identifies a rabbi or other religious body that has certified the product as being free of substances and practices not allowed according to Jewish dietary laws.

Do Frozen Vegetables Typically Require a Hechsher?

In most cases, frozen vegetables do not require a hechsher. By their very nature, vegetables are inherently kosher and do not usually contain any non-kosher substances. Additionally, it’s very unlikely that any of their typically used preparations contain any non-kosher items.

Potential Issues With Frozen Vegetables

When looking at frozen vegetables, one potential issue is cross-contamination. This occurs when a product that contains meat, dairy, or other non-kosher items shares a facility with kosher products. As such, it is important to ensure that frozen vegetables have either a hechsher that guarantees vegan-only production or a reliable statement from the manufacturer that the vegetables are manufactured solely in a vegan-only facility.

Verifying Kosher Frozen Vegetables

When shopping for frozen vegetables, there are several ways to verify that they are kosher:

  • Look for a hechsher from a reliable kosher agency: If a product has a reliable hechsher from a trustworthy kosher agency, it is guaranteed to be kosher.
  • Verify the facility is vegan-only: If the product does not have a hechsher, it is important to understand which facility and ingredients were used in its preparation.
  • Contact the manufacturer: If there is any uncertainty, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer in order to verify the kosher status of the product.


In most cases, frozen vegetables do not require a hechsher for them to be considered as kosher. However, it is always important for Jewish consumers to verify that the product has been prepared in a vegan-only facility, and if there is any doubt, to contact the manufacturer to confirm.

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