do frozen vegetables need a hechsher

do frozen vegetables need a hechsher

Do Frozen vegetables need a Hechsher?

When buying food, one of the more important factors to consider is whether or not a product has a kosher certification. The variety of products that are kosher certified can seem vast.

What is a Hechsher?

A hechsher is a kosher certification, used to indicate that certain food is certified as kosher by a rabbi or rabbinical organization. It can appear in different forms, from a basic symbol on a product, to a complex certification system.

Do frozen Vegetables need a Hechsher?

In general, frozen vegetables do not need a hechsher. Certain types of frozen vegetables, like those that are processed, do need a hechsher, as do any frozen vegetables that have a sauce or other ingredient added to them.

How to determine if your frozen vegetables need a Hechsher:

  • Ingredients: Check to make sure the ingredients are all natural and have no added ingredients. If there are added ingredients, like sauces or spices, make sure the product has a hechsher.
  • Factory: Make sure the factory does not produce food with kashrus concerns. The Hechsherim should provide information about their production facilities.
  • Processed vegetables: Processed frozen vegetables, like those with a coating or special seasoning, do require a hechsher.

In conclusion, frozen vegetables generally do not require a hechsher, however it is important to always check the ingredients, production facility, and if the product is processed. The Hechsherim should be able to provide information about their production facilities and the source of their ingredients.

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