do raccoons eat garden vegetables

do raccoons eat garden vegetables

Do Raccoons Eat Garden Vegetables?

Raccoons are a common site to many gardens, but do they actually feed on garden vegetables? The answer is – yes and no. Raccoons will take the opportunity to snack on any garden vegetable they can get access to, but it’s not something they actively seek out.

What Do Raccoons Like To Eat?

Raccoons are omnivores and mainly eat small mammals, such as mice, rabbits, groundhogs, insects and eggs. Though they are also known to eat fruits, nuts, plants, and carrion. They are opportunistic feeders however, which means they’ll take the opportunity to eat what’s available.

Garden Vegetable Availability

When it comes to garden vegetables, raccoons will often scavenge for an easy meal. Raccoons are nocturnal, so if garden vegetables are left out during the night, it’s likely that a raccoon may sneak in to take a bite.

Preventing Raccoon Garden Visits

To prevent raccoon visits to your garden, you can take the following actions:

  • Inspect fences and walls. Raccoons are excellent climbers and can squeeze through small holes or gaps. Make sure to look out for any rattling or loose materials in fences and check for any potential openings they could use.
  • Secure your garbage. Raccoons have a keen sense of smell and can easily find discarded food. Make sure your garbage is properly secured and disposed of regularly.
  • Keep garden vegetables picked up. Make sure to harvest your garden vegetables regularly and pick up any fallen, overripe veggies.
  • Use repellents. Repellents such as pepper spray, mothballs, and ammonia can work to keep raccoons away from gardens. Although, it’s important to note that these are temporary solutions and should be used in combination with other methods.


Though raccoons may take the opportunity to snack on garden vegetables, it’s not what they actively seek out. By taking preventative measures, it can be easier to discourage raccoons from raiding your garden.

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