do skunks eat vegetables

do skunks eat vegetables

Do Skunks Eat Vegetables?

Skunks have a reputation as stinky,but they are also very interesting animals.So,do skunks eat vegetables?

Skunks’ Diet

Skunks,while living in the wild,are omnivores. This means they consume both plants and meat in their diet.In terms of plants and vegetables,they may not consume them as part of their normal diet,but can and will choose to sometimes eat them.

What Do Skunks Usually Eat?

Skunks typically feed on insects,nests of small animals such as mice and birds,eggs,fruit,and nuts. In addition to this,skunks will sometimes scavenge in garbage cans or the leftover remnants of a campfire.

Do Skunks Like Vegetables?

Skunks have been known to eat vegetables such as corn,lettuce,and carrots. Generally speaking,skunks do not prefer vegetables,however,so they are usually not the most sought-after food option.


In conclusion,skunks are omnivores,meaning that they eat both meat and plants,including vegetables. While vegetables aren’t typically a major part of their diet,skunks may choose to consume them on occasion.

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