do vegetable calories count

do vegetable calories count

Do Vegetable Calories Count?

Vegetables are healthful, nutritious, and often low in calories. Even so, one question remains for health-conscious eaters: do vegetable calories count?

The simple answer is yes! Whenever you’re eating something, you’re consuming calories in some capacity.

Why It Matters

Counting calories is important, especially if you’re trying to reach a specific weight-loss or weight-gain goal. Keeping track of the calories you’re eating can also help you make informed decisions at the dinner table – including when it comes to vegetables.

Tips for Accurately Counting Calories

If you’re serious about counting the calories in your vegetables, here are a few additional tips to think about:

1. Consider Preparation
The way you prepare your vegetables can make a significant difference when it comes to calories. If you’re cooking them with healthy fats, such as olive oil, that’ll add a few calories. If you’re adding cheese or something similar, that’ll add even more.

2. Watch Your Portion Sizes
It’s also important to pay close attention to portion sizes. Many vegetables are low-calorie, so a larger portion might have more calories than you think.

3. Track Everything
The best way to keep track of calories is to use an app. A tracking app can help you keep track of what you’re eating and the calories it contains – including any calorie-containing veggies you’re having.

Making modifications

Not all vegetables are low-calorie. For example, a small potato contains about 100 calories. You can still eat potatoes, but you’ll need to use smaller portion sizes if you’re trying to keep your calorie intake low.

Yes, vegetable calories count! But don’t let this discourage you from eating a rainbow of vegetables. You can still enjoy your favorite veggies – just pay close attention to how they’re prepared, the portion size, and how much you’re eating. When in doubt, tracking your intake and calories can help you make informed decisions.

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