do vegetables grow on trees

do vegetables grow on trees

Do Vegetables Grow on Trees?

Many people look to trees as a source of food, such as nuts and fruits. But, do vegetables grow on trees as well? The answer may surprise you!

Types of Vegetables That Grow on Trees

There are actually quite a few types of vegetables that belong to the tree family, including:

  • Avocados: One of the most common tree-based vegetables, avocados are actually included in the berry family, rather than the vegetable family.
  • Olives: Olives grow on small evergreen trees, and they are frequently used as a garnish or seasoning ingredient.
  • Coconuts: Known for their intense flavor, coconut meats are actually classified as vegetables, and they grow on the coconut tree.

Trees That Produce Edible Vegetables

Though avocado, olive and coconut trees are primarily classified as trees, there are many other types of trees that produce edible vegetables including:

  • Pecan Trees: Pecans are actually a type of nut, but they also belong to the vegetable family.
  • Apple Trees: Apple trees are a common source of edible vegetables, and they are one of the most popular trees to grow in gardens.
  • Pine Trees: Pine trees may not be the tastiest trees to grow, but they do offer an edible vegetable in the form of edible pine needles.


There are many types of vegetables that grow on trees, including avocado, olives, coconuts, pecans, apples and pine needles. Though they may not be the most popular or delicious to eat, they are still an important source of nutrition for many cultures.

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