do you need a bag for the vegetables in spanish

do you need a bag for the vegetables in spanish

Do You Need A Bag for Vegetables in Spanish Markets?

Transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle and visiting Spanish markets can be incredibly intimidating. Here, we discuss the details regarding purchasing and packaging produce in Spanish markets and the bags you’ll need for a smooth shopping experience.

What type of bags do I need?

Most vegetables and fruit in Spanish markets will need to be placed in a paper or string bag in order to be weighed. According to The Guardian, the price for each item may vary depending on the the season, the type of item or the quantity purchased. Therefore, it is recommended to bring two types of bags with you when shopping in Spain:

1. String bag: Used for shopping heavier items, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes or onions.
2. Paper bag: Used for shopping smaller or lighter items, such as berries or tomatoes.

Are the bags available in the markets?

Yes, most Spanish markets have both paper and string bags available, usually next to the registers or near the door of the market. If you forget to bring a bag with you, you can always purchase a new one inside the store.

Do I have to pay for the bags?

Yes, paper and string bags usually cost between €0.05 – €0.15, depending on the store. For convenience, some markets may even offer large reusable totes for purchase. These totes can be particularly helpful if you’re planning to buy a lot of produce and other items.


Regardless of where you shop, it is always wise to fully research any produce-related regulations. Researching the market ahead of time helps to minimize confusion and ensure a seamless shopping experience. In conclusion, if you’re planning to visit Spanish markets, be sure to bring two types of bags for easy vegetable shopping: string and paper bags.

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