does vegeta ever call goku goku

does vegeta ever call goku goku

Does Vegeta Ever Call Goku Goku?

The relationship between Goku and Vegeta has always been one of rivals in Dragonball Z. Even though they became best friends eventually, Vegeta continued to remain competitive with Goku and rarely addressed him by name.

Why Vegeta Refuses to Call Goku Goku?

Vegeta is known as the prince of all Saiyans and as such he often sees himself as above Goku. By not addressing him by his name, Vegeta is asserting his superiority and perhaps also avoiding any expectations of friendship or closeness. It’s possible that he is also protecting himself emotionally, knowing that if he does call Goku by his name it would be admitting a level of comfort in their relationship.

What Vegeta Calls Goku Instead

Although Vegeta rarely calls him by his name, he does find other ways to refer to Goku. Here are the other things Vegeta will often call him instead:

  • Kakarot: This is Vegeta’s most common way of referring to Goku. It’s a reference to Goku’s real Saiyan name.
  • Oi!: Vegeta will often just say oi as a way of addressing Goku.
  • You!: Vegeta will sometimes just point at Goku and say ‘you’.

One Instance Where Vegeta Calls Goku Goku

Despite usually avoiding it, there is one instance where Vegeta actually does call Goku by his name. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Vegeta says to Goku “Goku, get up!”. The moment is quite poignant due to the context and it indicates a level of trust and understanding between the two that hadn’t existed before.

Final Thoughts

So while it’s not a regular occurrence, Vegeta does occasionally call Goku by his name. While it appears to be a sign of their newfound relationships and respect, it can also be interpreted as Vegeta finally accepting Goku as an equal.

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