does vegeta hate goku

does vegeta hate goku

Does Vegeta Hate Goku?

It is not difficult to understand why fans of the ‘Dragon Ball’ series may wonder why Vegeta would ever dislike Goku. After all, in the show, they are both Saiyans and are on the same team. Vegeta is always on the lookout for more power and is aware that Goku is a natural-born warrior. Still, it seems strange that Vegeta would actually hate the Saiyan who saved his life.

Their Rivalry

It is well known that Vegeta and Goku have always been rivals. They are always competing against each other in order to become the strongest fighter in the universe. Vegeta is often looking to surpass Goku and has a complex in which he believes he is not as strong as Goku, or at least not as strong as Goku can become. Vegeta’s own inferiority complex is what fuels his hatred towards Goku.

The Future of Their Relationship

Though Vegeta clearly hates Goku at first, he later begins to recognize him as an ally and even learns to respect him. Vegeta’s feelings towards Goku become complicated when they are forced to team up against larger foes. Vegeta begins to see that his intense rivalry with Goku is a way to bring out the best in each other.


So although Vegeta does have feelings of animosity towards Goku, it is not the same as outright hatred. Vegeta is aware that they are on the same side and that they have common goals. Vegeta finds himself in admiration of his rival and views him as a valuable ally.

It is clear that Vegeta’s feelings towards Goku have changed since the beginning of the series, but it is difficult to fully answer the question of whether or not Vegeta hates Goku.

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