does vegetable broth break a fast

does vegetable broth break a fast

Does Vegetable Broth Break A Fast?

Fasting has become increasingly popular as a means of providing the body with time to rest and heal, while potentially leading to a healthier weight and lifestyle. Vegetable broth is often suggested as a means of providing some flavor and minimizing hunger pangs during fasting periods. But does vegetable broth break a fast?

Does Vegetable Broth Have Calories?

In order for something to break a fast, it must contain calories. As a result, many experth have determined that low-sodium broth, with no added oils or seasonings, does not need to break a fast. With no caloric content, the body does not recognize the broth as food, allowing you to maintain the fast. Additionally, experts suggest that consuming low-sodium broth during fasting can create a more balanced fast.

Component of Vegetable Broth

Though many experts suggest that low-sodium vegetable broth is safe to consume while fasting, it important to consider the components of the broth you’re consuming. Many store-bought varieties contain a variety of added ingredients, such as sugars or fats that could break a fast. However, homemade vegetable broth is typically safe to consume while fasting.

Types of Intermittent Fasting

When determining whether or not vegetable broth will break your fast, it is also important to consider the type of fasting you’re completing. Most forms of intermittent fasting allow you to consume beverages and soups that do not contain calories during the fasting period, meaning low-sodium vegetable broth should be safe to consume. However, some stricter forms of fasting may prohibit anything other than pure water from being consumed during the fasting period.


In conclusion, both store-bought and homemade vegetable broth should be safe to consume while fasting, provided the broth is low-sodium and does not contain additional additives. However, depending on the type of fasting you’re completing and the additives in the broth, it is possible that vegetable could break your fast. Therefore, it is important to know the rules of your fasting regimen before consuming any liquids, including vegetable broth.

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