does vegetable shortening go bad

does vegetable shortening go bad

Does Vegetable Shortening Go Bad?

Vegetable shortening is a common ingredient used in many types of baking and cooking. It’s made from vegetable oils, like palm oil or soybean oil. But, does vegetable shortening go bad?

How Long Does Vegetable Shortening Last?

The shelf life of vegetable shortening depends on the type of product and how it’s stored. Unopened vegetable shortening typically lasts for up to two years. Once opened, vegetable shortening should be kept in a cool, dry place, like a pantry or cupboard, and it will last for up to six months.

Recognizing Signs of Spoiled Vegetable Shortening

It’s important to keep a close eye on your vegetable shortening to make sure it hasn’t spoiled. Here are a few signs that indicate vegetable shortening is no longer safe to consume:

  • Rancid odor – If your vegetable shortening has a rancid or off odor, it’s best to discard it, as its long shelf life has expired.
  • Chunky texture – Another sign of spoilage is if the vegetable shortening has a lumpy texture. It should be thick and smooth. If it looks or feels different, discard it.
  • Expired date – If the vegetable shortening is past its expiration date, it should be discarded for safety. As mentioned, an unopened container of vegetable shortening will last for up to two years, so if it’s been longer than that, it’s time to toss it.


In conclusion, vegetable shortening is a popular ingredient used in many recipes. It has a long shelf life, but it’s important to pay attention to the expiration date, as well as any signs of spoilage. If you notice that the texture or odor has changed, it’s best to discard the vegetable shortening in order to avoid any food safety issues.

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