how can you preserve the nutritional qualities of vegetables

how can you preserve the nutritional qualities of vegetables

Preserving the Nutritional Qualities of Vegetables

Vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Not only do they provide essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, they can also help reduce the risk of certain diseases. Unfortunately, during storage and processing, fresh vegetables can lose some of their nutritional qualities. This article will discuss how to preserve their nutritional qualities when purchasing and storing vegetables.

Buying Vegetables

When selecting vegetables, look for those that are the freshest and in season. Avoid those that are wilted or have brown or soft spots.

Storing Vegetables

When storing vegetables, it’s important to keep them cool, dry and away from strong odors. Here are a few tips to help maintain the nutritional quality of your vegetables:

  • Keep vegetables in their original packaging until you’re ready to use them. This will help slow down the rate of spoilage and preserve the nutritional qualities of the vegetables.
  • Store vegetables in the refrigerator if possible. This will help keep vegetables fresh and retain their nutritional qualities.
  • Wash vegetables just before you’re ready to use them. Washing removes dirt and bacteria, but also accelerates the rate of spoilage.
  • Use vegetables as soon as possible after purchase. The longer they’re stored, the more their nutritional value will decrease.


Preserving the nutritional qualities of vegetables can help ensure that you’re getting the most out of your food. By purchasing fresh vegetables, storing them properly and using them as soon as possible, you can help make sure that you’re eating the most nutrient-packed vegetables possible.

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