how did vegeta and bulma get together

how did vegeta and bulma get together

How Vegeta and Bulma Got Together

Vegeta and Bulma are one of the most popular couples in the Dragonball universe. They have been together for decades and have become a fan-favorite. But you may be wondering, how did these two end up getting together? Here is the story about how Vegeta and Bulma got together.

First Meetings

Bulma and Vegeta first met in the beginning of the Dragonball Z series when Vegeta and his comrade Nappa arrived on earth. Bulma was with Goku and the others when they tried to fight Vegeta and Nappa, but were outmatched. Bulma had an immediate intense dislike for Vegeta, who was arrogant and hostile towards her. Regardless, they ended up working together when Goku wished for the Namekian dragon balls.

The Relationship Forms

As the series went on, tensions grew when the Z Fighters faced stronger enemies. Eventually, Bulma and Vegeta’s relationship changed from hostility to mutual respect, and sometimes friendship. They made several elements in which their friendship grew, including:

  • The Frieza arc – Vegeta made the ultimate sacrifice in this arc, as he attempted to fight and defeat Frieza. Bulma was moved by Vegeta’s courageous act, and Vegeta came to respect her more.
  • The Cell saga – Although Vegeta was initially hostile towards Bulma, he eventually found himself wanting to protect her from harm, and even started to spend more time with her.
  • The Majin Buu saga – Vegeta was desperate to save his family, and Bulma was there to lend her support and start to build a bond with Vegeta. Vegeta even adopted her son Trunks and treated him like his own.

Gradually, the strong bond between Bulma and Vegeta was formed, until they eventually officially began dating.


It has been quite the journey for Bulma and Vegeta to get to where they are today. They have been through thick and thin, and have had to overcome numerous obstacles to become one of the most beloved couples in the Dragonball universe.

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