how long after roundup can i plant vegetables

how long after roundup can i plant vegetables

How Long After Applying Roundup Can I Plant Vegetables?

Roundup is one of the most popular herbicides used to control weeds in gardens, lawns and agricultural fields. It works by targeting weeds and not grasses or other plants, making it an ideal choice for gardeners and farmers looking to tame unruly vegetation. If you’ve recently sprayed your garden with Roundup and are looking to plant vegetables, here’s what you need to know.

How Long To Wait Before Planting

After you apply Roundup to your garden, you need to let it sit for a day before replanting. This waiting period is necessary to allow time for the Roundup to penetrate and be absorbed by the weed’s root system.

If you plan to plant vegetables right away, you can use Roundup Pro with an active ingredient of 0.1 percent glyphosate. This type of Roundup has a much shorter waiting time before replanting and can be used immediately if necessary.

Rain and Watering

Be aware that the rain and your own watering can reduce the effectiveness of Roundup. To ensure that it works properly, allow Roundup to dry before watering your garden or before rain is expected.

Protect Your Plants

Though Roundup specifically targets weeds and won’t harm your vegetable plants, you should still take caution. Avoid spraying it near healthy plants as the herbicide residue can stick to the leaves and fruit of adjacent plants and be absorbed by their roots.

If you’re worried about overspray and your edible plants, you can use Roundup Biactive with an active ingredient of 0.2 percent glyphosate before planting. This type of Roundup is less concentrated because it breaks down quickly when exposed to the environment.

Using Roundup Safely

To use Roundup safely and effectively, you should follow these simple steps:

  • Know what you’re dealing with. Identify which weeds are growing in your garden before you start spraying.
  • Wear protection. Wear long pants, shoes and gloves, and cover your face and eyes when applying Roundup.
  • Avoid windy conditions. Wind can potentially spread the Roundup to other areas of your garden.
  • Follow instructions. Always read and follow the instructions on the Roundup label.


In conclusion, Roundup is a popular and efficient weed killer often used in gardens and fields. Unless you use Roundup Pro, you should wait at least 24 hours before planting vegetables or other plants in an area where Roundup was recently sprayed. Taking the proper safety precautions is always the best way to use Roundup, and following the instructions on the label will help ensure that your garden remains healthy and weed-free.

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