how long after spraying roundup can i plant vegetables

how long after spraying roundup can i plant vegetables

How Long After Spraying Roundup Can I Plant Vegetables?

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is a nonselective herbicide. It will kill any plant it comes in contact with, so it’s important to know exactly how long you should wait to plant vegetables after using it.

Waiting Times

The waiting period can vary, but it’s typically recommended that you wait at least a week after applying Roundup before planting vegetables. Roundup needs to finish breaking down, so you should avoid exposure to any areas you have treated in the period of time leading up to planting.


If you have used Roundup in a vegetable garden, however, it is generally recommended that you WAIT AT LEAST 3 MONTHS or even a year before planting. This is because the Roundup lingers on the soil a lot longer, and you don’t want it to pose a risk to your newly planted vegetables.

Additional Best Practices

In addition to the recommended waiting periods, there are a few additional best practices you should keep in mind when using glyphosate.

  • Avoid unnecessary usage: Glyphosate should always be used as a last resort, as it will kill even beneficial plants.
  • Use only what you need: Avoid over-mixing or over-applying Roundup.
  • Read instructions: Be sure to read the instructions on the Roundup label before use.

By following these simple best practices and waiting a few months or even a year before planting vegetables in the garden, you can make sure that Roundup is no longer a threat to your vegetables.

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