how long does it take for vegetable seeds to sprout

how long does it take for vegetable seeds to sprout

How Long Does it Take for Vegetable Seeds to Sprout?

If you’re growing your vegetables from scratch, understanding the timeline for seed germination is an important part of gardening success. Knowing when to expect the first sprouts in your garden beds can help you plan and strategically plant your seeds. Read on to find out more about when vegetable seeds sprout.

Factors Affecting Seed Germination

There are a number of environmental and seed-related factors that can influence how quickly vegetable seeds will germinate.

• External temperature: Depending on the variety, many vegetables prefer cooler soil temperatures. Most will only germinate near or below 70°F (21°C), and some even require temperatures to be closer to 60°F (16°C).

• Internal temperature: Some seeds need to reach a particular temperature in order to sprout. If the temperature is too low, germination will be delayed.

• Wind: Windy conditions can deter germination, as it can damage or dry out the protective structure of the seed.

• Rainfall: Too much water can cause some seeds to rot before they germinate. Too little water will cause a slow or incomplete sprouting process.

• Depth of planting: Depending on the species, some seeds require a particular depth for successful germination.

• Soil quality: If a seed doesn’t encounter the right type of soil for its species during germination, it may not sustain itself past the early sprouting stages.

• Age of seed: Seeds can start to lose viability over time, so it’s important to use fresh seeds for optimal successful germination.

Timeline for Germination

Knowing the average timeline for germination can help you become a better gardener and better care for your vegetables. Here is an approximate timeline for when to expect vegetable seeds to sprout:

• Lettuce: 7-14 days
• Cucumbers: 7-10 days
• Celery: 14-21 days
• Kale: 14-21 days
• Chard: 7-10 days
• Snap peas: 7-14 days
• Tomatoes: 7-14 days
• Green beans: 7-14 days
• Carrots: 14-21 days
• Beets: 14-21 days
• Broccoli: 7-14 days

Keep in mind that the timeline may change depending on the type of seed as well as the varying environmental and/or seed-related factors, so it’s impossible to guarantee exact times for germination.


Vegetable seeds can range in sprouting times. On average, however, you can anticipate the following timeline for germination: lettuce (7-14 days), cucumbers (7-10 days), celery (14-21 days), kale (14-21 days), chard (7-10 days), snap peas (7-14 days), tomatoes (7-14 days), green beans (7-14 days), carrots (14-21 days), beets (14-21 days), and broccoli (7-14 days). Remember that these germination times can vary depending on environmental and seed-related factors.

Good luck in your gardening endeavors, and have fun growing your own vegetables!

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