how long does vegetable dye last

how long does vegetable dye last

How Long Does Vegetable Dye Last?

Vegetable dye is a natural and cost-effective way to color fabrics and other materials. However, the other drawback is that vegetable dyes do not last as long as conventional synthetic dyes. Here is a look at how long vegetable dyes will last and how to make them last longer.

Varies Depending on Fabric

The longevity of vegetable dye on a fabric will depend on the fabric itself. For example, a dense cotton fabric will hold the dye longer than something like a lightweight linen. Generally, vegetable dyed fabrics will start to fade after a few washes, but it will depend on the quality of the fabric and the dye used.

How To Make it Last Longer

Here are some tips to help your vegetable dye last longer:

  • Use high-quality dyes – not all dyes are created equal. Find dyes that are specifically designed for vegetable fabrics, as this will help ensure that the color is longer-lasting.
  • Avoid machine washing – unless necessary, try to handwash the item with a gentle soap. If you must machine wash, use the delicate cycle.
  • Wash colors separately – to avoid the colors from bleeding onto each other, always wash colored items separately.
  • Hang to dry – air drying is best to avoid any fading or shrinking of the fabric.


Vegetable dyes are a great way to naturally color fabrics. However, the dyes are not as durable as synthetic ones, so you must take proper care of your item to ensure that the dye lasts for as long as possible. With these tips, you should be able to keep your item looking new for a longer period of time.

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