how long to pressure can vegetable broth

how long to pressure can vegetable broth

How Long to Pressure Can Vegetable Broth

Pressure canning is an effective way of preserving fruits, vegetables and other products in a sealed container, using a high-pressure, high-temperature method of sterilizing. This kind of canning allows for the vitamins and minerals found in food to remain in tact, while ensuring the food is safe to consume. When it comes to vegetable broth, following the proper procedures and allowing the correct amount of time for the pressure to come to the right temperature ensures the broth is safe from spoilage.

Preparation and Sterilization

The preparation of the vegetable broth is key to a successful canning experience. To begin with, all containers must be sterilized and clean. This can be done in a boiling water bath, or with a special product. All vegetables must be prepared according to size and type, keeping in mind what is safe to can together.

Canning Process

Once the vegetables have been prepared, it’s time to fill the canner with the broth. All containers should be filled to the top and closed properly. The container should then be carefully loaded into the pressure canner.

Pressure Cooking

Once the canner is full, it must be brought to the appropriate pressure. This can vary based on altitude and size & shape of the jars. Generally speaking, it should reach 10 to 11 pounds of pressure in most cases.

Allowing Time to Pressure Cook

Once the pressure has been reached, the timer should be set for at least 25 minutes. This should be done with a digital timer, or with a watch. The 25 minute time period should be allowed for the pressure to completely cook the ingredients. This will ensure the broth is safe for consumption.

Storing the Broth

Once the timer is finished and the pressure has been released, the containers can be removed. Allow the broth to cool in a safe place and store in a cool, dark and dry area.

Checking the Broth

It is important to check the containers for signs of spoilage after canning. To do this, check for bulging lids, discoloration or off-color in the broth. Any of these signs indicate spoilage and the broth must not be consumed.

Pressure canning vegetable broth is a great way to preserve some of your favorite foods. With proper preparation and time, you can ensure the vegetable broth is safe to consume.

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