how many calories in beef vegetable soup

how many calories in beef vegetable soup

Calories in Beef Vegetable Soup

Are you trying to understand how many calories are in your favorite beef vegetable soup? This article provides an outline of the calories found in beef vegetable soup, as well as tips to cut calories when making this or any other soup recipe.

Calorie Content of Beef Vegetable Soup

A full pint of beef vegetable soup prepared with beef broth may contain approximately 160 calories. However, other ingredients added to soup, such as heavy cream, butter, and olive oil can increase the calorie count.

Tips for Reducing Calories in Soup

Making healthy soup doesn’t have to be complicated! Here are some tips to reduce the amount of calories in your beef vegetable soup:

  • Use low-fat ingredients: When making soup, try to opt for the lowest-fat version of ingredients like milk, beef stock, cheese, or cream. You can also substitute water for all or part of the beef broth.
  • Choose lean ground beef: Lean ground beef is very low in fat and still has a good flavor. Go for at least 90 percent lean.
  • Skip the cheese: Cheese can quickly add calories to a soup recipe. If you don’t want to skip it entirely, limit the amount you use.
  • Load up on vegetables: Adding lots of vegetables can help you enjoy the same flavor without increasing the calorie count.

When it comes to beef vegetable soup, it’s important to be mindful of the calorie content. By carefully controlling the ingredients, portion size, and toppings, you can enjoy a healthy and delicious soup without worrying too much about the number of calories. Bon appetit!

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