how much does vegeta weigh

how much does vegeta weigh

What is Vegeta’s Weight?

Vegeta is one of the most popular characters from the iconic anime series Dragon Ball Z. With his fierce fighting spirit and over-the-top power levels, it’s no surprise that his weight has become a topic of debate among fans. So, just how much does Vegeta weigh?

How Weigh Does Vegeta Weigh?

According to the Dragon Ball Wiki, Vegeta weighs 149 pounds (67.6 kilograms). This is based on in-show data, which states that Trunks weighs as 177 pounds and Goku weighed 142 pounds when they were both 45 years old. Vegeta is around 40 at the time. Also, Vegeta’s weight is seen on the scouter.

Reasons for Vegeta’s Weight

There are a few factors that could affect Vegeta’s weight. For one, he is a member of the Saiyan species, who tend to have higher-than-average muscle mass. This would explain Vegeta’s more muscular physique compared to that of the human characters.

In addition, Vegeta is able to draw upon extra energy reserves due to his Saiyan heritage. This energy can be used to boost his power levels or give him superhuman strength. This could explain why Vegeta does not appear to gain weight, despite his intense training and battle regimes.


Overall, it appears that Vegeta weighs 149 pounds (67.6 kilograms). This weight is superior to the average human, likely due to his Saiyan physiology and access to power reserves. Nonetheless, Vegeta is able to stay lean and powerful due to his intense training regime. Now you know how much Vegeta weighs!

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