how strong was king vegeta

how strong was king vegeta

King Vegeta: One Of The Strongest Saiyans In History

King Vegeta is one of the most renowned Saiyans in the history of Dragon Ball. King Vegeta was the fourth king of the Saiyans, and is viewed by many as one of the most powerful Saiyans of all time.

King Vegeta was an incredibly powerful warrior in his own right, having the necessary strength to become one of the few Super Saiyans. He had a power level of 18,000 as a Super Saiyan, which was much higher than most at the time. King Vegeta was considered one of the strongest Saiyans, having a special fighting style that focused on improving his speed and agility.

King Vegeta’s strength wasn’t limited to strength and fighting, though. He was also highly respected as the king of all the Saiyans. He was the leader of the Planet Vegeta, the home planet of the Saiyans. He was a natural born leader, and even inspired loyalty from the Saiyans who served under him.

King Vegeta’s Special Abilities

King Vegeta was blessed with a set of special abilities that set him apart from other Saiyans. These included:

  • Energy Wave: King Vegeta could unleash a powerful wave of energy from his hands.
  • Ki Blast: King Vegeta had the ability to manipulate the Ki, or “Life Force,” in order to create powerful blasts of energy.
  • Genki Dama: King Vegeta had the ability to generate a powerful ‘Genki Dama’ technique, which was similar to Goku’s Spirit Bomb. This technique allowed King Vegeta to create an energy sphere that could absorb an enemy’s power.

King Vegeta achieved a high level of strength and power that put him on par with some of the most powerful Saiyans in history. His powerful abilities and strong leadership made him an influential figure in Saiyan society, and he is still remembered as one of the strongest Saiyans in history.

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