how strong was king vegeta

how strong was king vegeta

How strong was King Vegeta?

King Vegeta, also known as simply Vegeta, was a legendary saiyan who was the father of Vegeta and a reigning monarch at his time. He was born around the same time as his rival, the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. Vegeta is widely considered the most powerful Super Saiyan in the universe, having been able to defeat Broly in hand-to-hand combat as well as outsmart him. Although his power was said to be unmatched by any other non-fused saiyan, it is still uncertain how strong King Vegeta was compared to other legendary saiyans.

Power Levels

At the time of King Vegeta’s reign during the Dragon Ball Z era, it is suggested that his power level greatly exceeded the usual Super Saiyan level. With a power level of 12,000, King Vegeta was essentially on par with the other saiyans who were strong enough to catch parts of oolong’s magic meteor shower. His strength would have far surpassed most of the other saiyans in existence at the time.

Combat Ability

King Vegeta was a formidable fighter and was known on many occasions to take on multiple opponents at once. He excelled in close-quarters combat, utilizing powerful punches and kicks to take down his opponents. King Vegeta also had skills in energy-based techniques, such as projectile energy attacks, manipulation of ki, and creating clones of himself.

Special Moves

King Vegeta had access to a few unique techniques. He was able to use the Galick Gun, a beam of energy that was intended to cripple an opponent by absorbing their energy. The Big Bang Attack was another iconic move of his; this technique involved King Vegeta shooting a massive energy blast from his hands that had the power to obliterate an opponent.


All-in-all, King Vegeta was a powerful and formidable opponent. His combat ability, penchant for special moves, and exceptional power level put him at the top of the saiyan hierarchy during his time. It is unlikely that he was able to match the strength of other legendary martial artists like Goku or Vegeta, but it is certain that King Vegeta’s legacy will live on as one of the strongest saiyans ever.


  • Exceptional Power Level
  • Skilled in hand-to-hand combat
  • Can use a variety of special moves


  • Not as strong as other legendary Saiyans
  • Cannot compete with advanced energy manipulation techniques

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