how to clean fruits and vegetables with vinegar

how to clean fruits and vegetables with vinegar

How To Clean Fruits and Vegetables With Vinegar

It is important for everyone to take the necessary steps to ensure that their fruits and vegetables are clean, safe, and ready to eat. One of the methods to help keep our food free of bacteria is to clean them with vinegar.

Steps To Clean Fruits and Vegetables With Vinegar:

  • Gather your fruits and vegetables and rinse them off with cold water.
  • Fill a sink or bucket with one part vinegar and 10 parts water.
  • Let the produce sit in the mixture for 10-15 minutes
  • Remove from the water and rinse off with cold water.

Things To Know:

  • Vinegar type: Use a mild vinegar such as white vinegar or apple-cider vinegar.
  • Utensil Cleaning: Be sure to also use vinegar to clean utensils used to cut the produce such as knives and cutting boards.
  • Produce Skin: Use a clean brush to rub and scrub the surface of produce with tougher skin like apples and potatoes.

These steps are great for everyday cleaning of our fruits and vegetables. This is a reasonable and effective measure that all of us can take to help avoid bacteria entering our bodies from spoiled food.

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