how to dehydrate frozen vegetables

how to dehydrate frozen vegetables

Dehydrating Frozen Vegetables

Dehydrating frozen vegetables is a fantastic way to preserve them and turn them into a convenient snack you can enjoy any time. Follow this guide for steps on how to get your vegetables ready to dehydrate.

Step 1: Select Your Vegetables

Choose vegetables that you would be happy to eat. Frozen vegetables can be stored for up to a year, so select vegetables that won’t spoil over time.

Step 2: Prepping the Vegetables

After selecting your vegetables, lay them out on a cutting board and thaw. Do not cook or boil your vegetables as they will become too soft.

Step 3: Cut Vegetables

Cut your vegetables to uniform sizes. All pieces should be small enough so that they dehydrate evenly.

Step 4: Place on Dehydrator Trays

Once your vegetables are cut, place them on your dehydrator trays. Make sure there is enough room around each vegetable so that the air can circulate and dry them out properly.

Step 5: Dehydrate

Set the temperature of your dehydrator to between 105 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Dehydrate your vegetables until they are dry and crunchy. This can range from 8 to 18 hours depending on the type of vegetables, ambient humidity, and size of the pieces.

Step 6: Store

Once your vegetables are dehydrated, store them in airtight containers in a cool, dry place. Your vegetables should last up to six months but be sure to check for spoilage before consumption.

Tips for Success

  • Season Your Vegetables – Add seasonings of your choice prior to dehydrating to give your vegetables a flavor boost.
  • Pace Yourself – You can dehydrate more vegetables than a single load. Prioritize the time sensitive vegetables first and work your way through them.
  • Check for Readiness – Make sure that all pieces are completely dry before completely halting the cycle. Over dehydrated vegetables become brittle.

Dehydrating your frozen vegetables is an easy and convenient way to preserve them and enjoy them as a snack. By following this guide, you can ensure that your vegetables are dehydrated right every time.

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