how to draw vegeta step by step

how to draw vegeta step by step

How to Draw Vegeta Step by Step

Do you want to draw Vegeta from the popular anime and manga series “Dragon Ball”? Well, follow these easy steps and you will have your own Vegeta drawing in no time.

Step 1: Draw the Outline of Vegeta

Begin by drawing the outline of Vegeta’s body. Start with the head and draw a vertical line for the center of his face. Then draw a horizontal line slightly above the halfway mark for the eyes. Below that draw a wide U-shape for the bottom half of the face.

Step 2: Draw the Detail on Vegeta’s Face

Now draw Vegeta’s features. First draw two small circles for the eyes. Then draw curved eyebrows above them and a nose below. Now draw his mouth and a cleft chin. Finally draw his flat-top hair on the top of his head.

Step 3: Drawing Vegeta’s Clothing

Draw Vegeta’s outfit. For his upper body he wears a spiky armor with shoulder guards. For his lower body draw a loose pair of pants and shoes on the bottom.

Step 4: Shading and Colouring Vegeta

Give your drawing a 3D feel by shading and coloring. For shading, use the strokes to create shadows around the edges of Vegeta’s face and body. Then, choose a color palette and start coloring your drawing.

You’re Done!
You have now finished drawing your own Vegeta. Show your friends and family and bask in their praises.

Happy drawing!

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