how to get babies to eat vegetables

how to get babies to eat vegetables

How to Get Babies to Eat Vegetables

Feeding your baby healthy food that they’ll actually eat can be a challenge. Adding vegetables to the mix may seem nearly impossible but it’s actually pretty easy to get started. Here are five tips for getting your baby to develop a taste for vegetables.

Let Your Baby Explore

When getting your baby started with vegetables, let them explore. Let your baby pick up and hold the vegetables. Let them taste and even touch the vegetables if they’d like. This helps them to feel more comfortable with all types of vegetables and less likely to refuse what’s being offered.

Try Different Types

Be sure to continue to offer your baby a variety of vegetables. Different colors, shapes, and textures will not only be more interesting for your baby but also help them expand their diet. Sweet potatoes, kale, peas, and green beans are some great vegetables to start with.

Culinary Creativity

You can also get creative with vegetables to make them more appealing to your baby. Pureed and mashed vegetables can be served as dips, sprinkled onto scrambled eggs, or stirred into oatmeal. Cut vegetables into interesting shapes like stars or hearts!

Always Serve Vegetables

Be sure to serve vegetables at every meal. Make breakfast, lunch, and dinner each include at least one vegetable. From broccoli and beans to cauliflower and carrots, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Introduce a Reward System

Finally, consider introducing a reward system to encourage your baby to eat vegetables. This can be a fun activity for both the parents and the baby. Rewards can include stickers, toys, or simply a joke or funny face.

With these five tips, you’ll be sure to get your baby on the veggie track. Getting your baby started with eating vegetables is easy and will help them become a vegetable fan for life!

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