how to get babies to eat vegetables

how to get babies to eat vegetables

How to get babies to eat vegetables

Getting your baby to eat vegetables can be a tricky task. Here are some tips to help make the process easier for you and your baby.

1. Introduce vegetables early

Start introducing vegetables as early as 6 months. These early years are an important time to develop positive eating habits.

2. Serve small portions

Start with small amounts of pureed vegetables, two to three teaspoons per meal. Your baby may not like the taste of every vegetable you offer, and that’s OK.

3. Make them fun!

Babies love to explore and discover. Make vegetables a fun adventure for them. Try using different colors, shapes and textures with your baby.

4. Make meals memorable

Make mealtime fun by playing music, using colorful and interesting plates, and talking about vegetables. Make sure to keep the conversation positive.

5. Let babies feed themselves

Giving your baby a chance to feed themselves helps them to explore the food. Try mashing vegetables and pairing them with soft items like yogurt, banana slices or grated cheese.

6. Model healthy eating habits

Babies learn by example, so make sure to eat the vegetables you want them to eat. They’re more likely to try a food if they see you eating it.

7. Be patient

Young children, especially babies, may not try a food the first time you offer it. Don’t give up! Keep offering the vegetables you want them to eat and be patient.

8. Reward your baby

Reward your baby with praise and a hug when they try something new. It will make them more excited to try new things.

Above all, be patient and consistent. It can take up to 10 or even 15 tries before a child likes a new food.

Following these tips will help your baby learn to enjoy healthy and delicious vegetables.

Happy eating!

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