how to get rid of fungus in vegetable garden

how to get rid of fungus in vegetable garden

How to get rid of Fungus in Vegetable Garden

Your garden is likely a source of pride and a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nothing is more disheartening to a gardener than the sight of fungus taking over the vegetable crops. There are several ways to help keep fungus at bay, so you can enjoy the bounty of a healthy, thriving garden.

Tackle the Causes

Fungal disease problems often arise in wet and cool weather conditions. Planting certain garden crops during months that won’t create ideal fungus growing conditions can help. This means planting warm season-vegetables during warm, dry weather and planting cool season-vegetables during cooler weather.

Mulch and Weed

Mulch is one of the best defenses against fungal diseases. A layer of mulch can help keep weeds down and help retain soil moisture. Both of these are key strategies to deter fungus from taking a foothold in the vegetable garden.

Rotate Crops

Crop rotation is a great way to help reduce the incidence of fungal diseases in the garden. When you rotate yours, rotate both veggie families and the veggie crops within a particular family. Planting tomatoes in the same area of the garden year after year can make it easy for the fungus to survive and grow.

Clean Up the Garden Area

Fungus can easily survive on the plant debris left in your garden after harvest. Regularly raking up and disposing of debris can help reduce the chances of fungal disease entering your vegetable beds in the future.

Chemical Solutions

Fungal diseases can be suppressed through the use of chemical solutions. These chemicals should be used with caution, however, as they can be toxic to pets, humans, and helpful insects like honeybees.

Whenever you use products for your vegetable garden, read the labels and follow the directions to ensure your safety and your garden’s success.

Spray Oil Solutions

Spray oil solutions are an environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical solutions for funguses in your vegetable garden. That’s because the oils are only active on the surface of the fungal spores, and are not systemic chemicals. Many gardeners find that by combining cultural controls, such as mulching or weeding, with spray oil solutions, they can successfully resist fungal diseases.

By following these steps, you can help keep your food crops healthy and free from fungus.

Keep Your Vegetable Garden Healthy and Fungus-Free

  • Tackle the causes of fungal diseases
  • Mulch and weed to help keep fungal diseases away
  • Rotate crops to reduce fungus
  • Clean up the garden debris
  • Choose a chemical or spray oil solution

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